Why Do Men Get So Anxious About a Doctor Visit?

What is it about a doctor’s appointment that makes men so anxious? I have noticed this distinct difference between the sexes; women regularly go to check-ups and follow their doctor’s advice and don’t get nearly as wound up as we men do about simple things like the annual physical.

As I anticipate a physical myself, I can so quickly flop into a backroom of my mind where panic sets in. I found myself looking up at the calendar, as if this date would live in infamy. No it wouldn’t. It’s just that so much swirls around, so many stories of people who got sick, so many stories of terrible pain and suffering.

Yet having a physical, my more rational mind tells me, is how you prevent such calamities, and managing ones health by having someone check you out is the key to living longer and happier.

The good part is that I feel great and have been devoted to my regular exercise sessions for more than a few years. As they like to say the Y, exercise is medicine, so if that’s true, I’ve been taking my weekly doses.

Still, I’ll look forward to when it’s over.