Mike Kittredge Loves His New Job: The Banker of Bernardston

Michael Kittredge speaks at Kringle Candle.
Michael Kittredge speaks at Kringle Candle.
Michael Kittredge introduced himself to the crowd of Frankin Chamber of Commerce members as “the guy who started that other candle shop down the road.” He also said that he’s now known as Bernardston’s biggest banker after eighteen months in business at the firm he started with his son Mick, Kringle Candle.

“Mick said he wanted to open up next to the former gas station in Sunderland, Ben’s service. But I had bigger ideas…we found this place up here with18,000 square feet instead of 1000 feet. So far, it’s working out well, he told the crowd.

He explained that he just wanted to get back into business and was tired of retirement, so when his son expressed interest in making candles, he gave him a test. “Do it for one year, and after that we can talk.” He made it, got some of his own orders, and the bank of Bernardston was ready to make it all happen.

Kittredge said there were three rumors that he had to clear up. One, his health. He says he feels great, played a few sets of tennis just this morning, and there’s no longer any need to send get well or sympathy cards.

The second was about this non-compete agreement. Yes, that one was true and while they might have asked him for 25 years, he was glad that it’s been nearly fifteen years so he’s free to open any sort of candle shop that he wants. And his Kringle Candle is pretty much the twin of his Yankee, he’s even got plans to open another car museum on the grounds in the years ahead.

The third rumor? Well, he couldn’t’ think of that one, but he explained to the friendly crowd what happened to the 197-foot Paraffin, the luxurious yacht on which he spent twelve years sailing the world. “I sold it to a Russian tycoon, and he died three months after he bought it.”