Small Town Living Brings People Closer

I stared into the screen a few hours ago, when I was faced with what to blog about on this sunny first dau  day of  March, 2011.  Since nothing that rang out, clear and true, that made a perfect topic, I let the window close and moved on with my day.

I spoke with a writer about a trip to Jordan, picked up an employee without a car, reviewed a new advertising scheme involving ads below photo frames, (not sure about that) and did online banking and meeting with manager to review cafe supply orders.

I”m joining many of my neighbors tomorrow night and attending a fund raiser for the Tilton Library. Several of my friends bought tickets to the wine and beer tasting at Chandlers,  and then said they had other things they wanted to go to, so they gave them away. A good cause, no doubt.  I love being a part of this small village;  in the bank the manager told me she saw the business section profile and that she enjoyed reading it.

It’s sunny out…people are talking about the spring, and the sun makes them warm up. I wrestled with a huge containter of salty sand that I had to spread over our driveway, which is perfectly blue with ice.  Another nice thing about a small town…they let  me take the sand from the town sand pit.