Lifting The Stones to Carve into a Fortress in the Ozarks

The work continues at the Ozarks Medieval Fortress, Lead Hill AR.

In the Arkansas Ozarks, there is a medieval fortress being built. I am going to see it in late June. It’s called the Ozarks Medieval Fortess and is being built by a team of American builders, being guided by experts in Medieval building to keep it all authentic. In fact they are not using modern tools, instead using skilled stone masons and primitive methods of the 13th century.  It began in May 2010, and will be going on for some time.

I am planning a trip to help build it…I’ll offer my rudimentary skills to haul stones and chisel stuff for them, all in the name of a good travel article.

After spending some time at the fortress and learning how to build olde style, we will visit President Clinton’s library in Little Rock. Wé will meet a lot of people who live there, and stay in the downtown hotel, not a chain hotel. I always enjoy the old time center hotel where people meet and congregate, which is still a part of most US cities, thank God.