It’s Libya’s Turn Now: Inhale the Freedom After 42 Years!

“You’ve never lived under this, you don’t know what it’s like to have freedom after 42 years,” Mohdi, a middle aged man told Anderson Cooper last night. He spoke jubilantly, unabashedly showing his face on CNN –he was so happy that Ghadafi’s statues were being torn down in Libya and soldiers were defying calls to bomb protesters.

Now as I write this, this dictator rants incoherently on the state run TV, and his countrymen for perhaps the last time are embarrassed by him but no longer fear him. Another commentator speculated that someone from the inside is more likely to off the crazy dictator than an outsider. Now Ghadafi is trying to convince Libyans that the US is behind it all, and they’ve given drugs to the Libyan ¬†people. He read out of his famous green book, one that he gave to everyone in the country. He’s going down, and in a few days I predict he will be gone.

It’s so exciting to be witnessing people grabbing their freedom in places where it has never happened, places where everyone who is young and male, ¬†is in the street, protesting, shouting and demanding freedom. The majority have never known anything like freedom, yet they see how the rest of the world lives…God bless Facebook and the web for that.

Fareed Zakaria spoke about what it was like to meet Ghadafi, he said he thought that when he met him he was on drugs, “if he wasn’t on drugs, it was even more bizarre….he never looks you in the eye.” The newsman said that the dictator was even more coherent now, yet the clips on TV showed a ranting, crazy man. Clearly he couldn’t be running the country, but someone behind him is, and it will all be changing very soon.