Blogging from the Seat of a Megabus Coach

Downtown hotels in major cities can be a joy to discover. This weekend we will find out about Ink48, a new Kimpton hotel in Hell’s Kitchen, lower Manhattan.   The website is stunning, all of this glamour and glitz, it will be fun to compare it to other hotels we’ve stayed in.  Hotels are so cool these days…I always wonder where they buy these interesting fixtures, lighting and furniture you see in hotels like this one. WOW!
Our hotel is right near the Jacob Javits Center where we will be doing our travel writing presentation and so we can walk right over and pop around the bustling neighborhood with ease.  Any time I stay in a hotel for two nights I always enjoy it, since I can settle in, and that’s a great feeling.

I will be blogging tomorrow from the seat of a Megabus coach, heading down on $1.00 tickets that I bought in the fall. I think this will either be a disaster or a delight!