You Heard It Here: Predicted Trends for 2011

Meat pies will be big in the US in 2011
Meat pies deserve a chance at the table and will be big in 2011

Here are some trends that the sages at the WSJ say will be prevalent in 2011.  Some of these make a whole lotta sense to me.

Restaurant menus will be tighter, less descriptive and the days of jargon-filled propaganda will end.  Minimal menus will just say what’s on the menu and how it is prepared.  One man predicts that the blossoming cupcake market will be upset by an old favorite–pie. Consultant Andrew Freeman predicts little pies, in pie shops with racks of tiny personalized pies.  (I have seen this in England, Australia and NZ, meat pies sold in convenience stores).  Freeman says that pies bring nostalgia and comfort food, all in one little round package.

Bleisure.  This is the result of our 24/7 always on business lifestyles. According to a survey by TripAdvisor, people are burning out on all of this connectedness, and at this point, 69% of travelers keep in touch with work while they’re on vacation. Now people are taking ‘fake-ations, breaks from work that really aren’t that at all.  (I know that on many of my trips one of the biggest appeals of some romantic hotels is their lack of cell service!). So expect to hear about more and more people who say they’re traveling and all they are really doing is turning off their cell phones and not answering email.

Be Your Own Designer. Another trend for 2011 will be creating your own designs for clothing.  People can now have custom-made Levi’s sewn to order,  and soon co-creation will move into jewelry, handbags, clothing and even chocolate bars. With social media, we all want it our way, and just like our customized desktops, why wouldn’t we want to make it look like we want it to?

England Swings. This last one will be music to the ears of my friend Emma Thomas, Press Rep for Visit England.  With mega-events like Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics in London, Americans will be flocking over to Britain in record numbers.  Even Belize, the only Central American country with a British colonial heritage, will see many more US visitors as well.