She Eats Toilet Paper Slivers Every Day, Another Sleeps with the Hairdryer

There is a woman in Alabama who eats toilet tissue. She grabs a two-ply sheet, splits it in half, and lets that thin sheet melt on her tongue. She eats the paper all day, and has been at this since she was a small child. “I love the way it feels on my tongue,” she told a therapist who was trying to warn her of intestinal peril.

The show was about strange addictions. The second segment showed the damage that can be done by loving your hair dryer too much.  A California mom sleeps with the dryer running on her, directed at her feet. Sometimes she’s gotten burned and has marks above her eyes to prove it.  Her sisters met her at a cafe, and tried an intervention. She’s addicted to sleeping with the hair dryer.

Her little daughter snuggles up with her in bed, sharing the warmth of the whirring machine. It could damage her skin and hair…but she’s addicted. The show was showing all of the different sides…the husband, who can’t get close because of the hot dryer, the mother of the adult toilet paper eater, wondering what will become of her stomach.

Neither of these women were close to admitting that they had to stop. They looked like deer in the headlights when the therapists told them that they could be in danger. I went back asleep, glad that I didn’t need a hair dryer to do so.