Mulling the Cafe Conumdrum: Close Earlier?

After a light dusting of snow, it really feels like December, and the Christmas season.  There are so many errands to run and things to take care of, I thought about them as I walked from the house to the cafe, well protected with longjohns and with gloves. Mismatched, but hey, my hands aren’t cold at least.

I thought about what we need to do at the cafe to keep our numbers going in the right direction. That would be closing earlier during these cold months, facing the fact that the only customers who come in later than three are not looking for food, but for a place to plug in their laptops. So I don’t think we will miss that much by shutting our doors at 3 instead of 5.

Still it’s always a risk because I  know I always get leery about places whose hours change a lot…it’s like closing for vacation. I think that’s a bad idea to close for more than a day at a time, since what we sell is a habit, and now that we’ve got these birdies to come to our feeder, we don’t want them to show up to find us closed.