I’ve Blogged Since 2004, With a Few Rare Breaks

The cold has set in…every time you go outside, you will either be glad you wore your longjohns or wishing, silently, that you did.  I have been running in and out of the cold, and I am not cold. Ugh, though this is a symbolic first blast for a long several months of this cold to come.

I often look back at blogs that I wrote at this time of year in the days gone by. It amuses me to read those old posts, that go back to 2004. It was in November of that year that I began blogging.

Last night we watched an adaptation of a  particularly delightful book Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth.  It’s such a big story from such a long book that it takes eight installments to get it all on the air. So we watched number two, and I was worried, remembering that the book includes several sex scenes, and I was watching with my 5-year-old grandson, Nate.

Sure enough, as we had settled in, as soon as skin began to hit skin, he cried out, “oh, gross, ewwww!!, and shielded his eyes from the vile site of two people kissing.  So he hustled out of the room just as the scene went from G to R.