From So Many Different Plans, the Man-Cave Is Nearly Ready

Today’s a momentus day, it’s been a long, long journey and we’re almost, amazingly, at the final stage of calling in the inspectors and officially signing off on the big project.  I remember so well the many variations of this project I dreamed up. One called for a giant family ‘great room’ towering off toward the chicken coop.  Another version had a second floor perched perilously on top of the new bedroom, a sweeping open rec room that would be a giant sized bedroom.

The last variety of plan had a full height basement—cemented floor and big stairs down to a new toyroom playroom. But it was not that complicated after all. When the dust settled on Lance Hodes’ plan, it was a simple one-story with a large bath and high ceilings. The dining room now continues on, into the honey-carpeted haven that we will unveil on Saturday.

I have never lived in a new house. The project has launched other initiatives at the house, including new walls for one of the upstairs bathrooms, and the addition of a well proportioned half bath in the existing house. We even pretended we were on an episode of Hoarders and cleared out nearly all of the collected junk in the basement.

So at 8 pm on Saturday night, I’ll set up a curtain. I’ll get everyone’s attention, and then with a ceremonial tug, I shall unveil the new space and we will turn up the music. And we will dance and I will be proud.