Bob Dylan Never Tasted This Pizza

A story in today’s Gazette shows the terrible power of celebrity, and that like most of us, we believe it when somebody ‘famous’ wants something big.  Matt Pilon wrote about a late night visit to Antonio’s Pizza in Amherst by a man wearing backstage credentials for the Bob Dylan show at the Mullins Center. The man placed an order…..a big order.  He wanted 178 pizzas, assorted, gourmet with the expensive toppings, all to be delivered.

The shop’s owner, Walter Pacheco wasn’t at the restaurant when the big deal came down, but as the employees were promised a big tip for staying open past 2 am to make the dozens of pies, they didn’t ask the gentleman for a deposit.

At 5:30 am, they loaded all the pies into their van and took them to the Mullins Center, and you can guess the rest of the story. No, Bob Dylan didn’t take a bite and declare Antonio’s the World’s Best Pizza (which is true!). No, there was nobody there and now, all Pacheco has to show for the ordeal was a lot of leftover pizzas that they sold by the slice. After they threw away half of them, and lost nearly $4000!