Floating in a Parabolic Apogee of Pleasure

Some writers inspire me, others make me envious that they are so talented at lining up just the perfect words.  I laughed out loud at the cafe while reading Dan Neil’s review of the new Mercedes CL63 AMG.  Here is a snip, as he describes opening up the throttle on an empty straight road.

“It’s not just acceleration.  To line this car up on an empty highway and roll on the throttle is to experience a unique, Newtonian  effervescence, a momentary microgravity when the 4800-pound dreadnaught around you disappears and you float in a kind of parabolic apogee of pleasure.  Your breath shallows–not least because your breastbone is trying to climb into the back seat–your eyes widen, your brain starts to gurgle endorphins, and if you had any problems (overly large car payments, perhaps?) they are suddenly quite remote.

This is the multiplexed joy of a conjugal visit in a high-speed elevator, being  fired from a Roman catapault into a mattress of cocaine, of pulling your ripcord to find a winning lottery ticket attached to it. I don’t know, it’s crazy. This car is crystalline, pharmaceutical-grade acceleration, an amour-fou of bliss and leverage.  Suddenly, all of existence is reduced to simple clarity: F=MA. It sounds like a very large, prehistoric hummingbird.”