Topless Pools Bring Voyeurs to Vegas: Death Ray at the Vdara

In Las Vegas, one of the biggest attractions besides casinos where you can lose your shirt are pools where women take off their shirts and their tops. This new “Euro style” topless pool scene has attracted voyeurs and sun worshippers making nearly all of the pools crowded and popular. ‘Pictured is what you’ll find at the

Topless pool manequin at the Mirage, Las Vegas
Topless pool manequin at the Mirage, Las Vegas

Mirage advertising their pool that is called “Bare.”

A recently built hotel, through a quirk of design and the broiling desert sun has turned into a deadly death ray…At the new Vdara Hotel, the curved building is directing harsh sunlight right down into the pool area. It’s scorched guests and even melted thin plastic chairs.  The temperature zooms up twenty degrees (which is a lot considering it’s already a desert) and one man even complained that his hair got singed while sitting poolside.

The article in Switched suggests that while people might not want to sit next to this hot pool, it might be a good place to install solar panels.