Google Is God, and Our PageRank is 6–RIGHT ON!

An email popped up on my phone this morning from GoNOMAD Shooter Paul Shoul. It was good news.

Our Google PageRank has bumped up to a PR6 from 4. Why does this thrill us?

Because as travel website publishers, Google is God. All of us hate to admit it, but nearly everything we do, most of the  visitor traffic that visits our sites, and a good chunk of the revenue that pays for the heat, lights and payroll comes from the mighty Google God.  Google analyzes pages and shows you the pages with the higher pagerank ahead of those with lower pagerank. So that means we’ll come up higher in searches, and thus, get more traffic, and thus, more people will be likely to click on our ads, read our display ads and stories or try to book airline tickets. All good.

We’ve been at this high station before, but for some reason we got knocked down the last time to a mere 4. Hey, we still put up new content every day, and tweak pages every day, so we definitely deserved to be a PR6. But it takes time for the fickle Google robots to deem us worthy.

So today, as the monsoon rains pour down upon the village and the cafe is cozy with customers, we’ll be snug in our offices trying to create more web content, and gloating, just a little, on today’s triumph.