The New Gap Logo is Like the New Coke–a Bad Idea

It must be a big old bummer to be the Gap’s ad agency this morning. After the company unveiled a new, modern logo, pesky fans on Facebook posted more than 2000 comments mocking, attacking and arguing that the company should have never moved away from the blue box design. See what you think.

On Twitter, 5000 weighed in and this resulted on  a YouTube onslaught with more than 14,000 parody logos posted on line.

Gap North American president Marka Hansen said they should have listened to their customers and decided to pull the plug on the new logo and going back to the simple three thin letters in a blue box.

While it must be slightly traumatic for the designer who created the new Gap logo it proves the power of public comment. And that’s more important than the feelings of that lonely graphic artist.