Dancing Naked in Front of a Fire: Relaxed Yet?

We are sitting in the sun on a glorious morning in Southern Vermont.  It’s hard to describe the cloak of calm and relaxation that one puts on when you take your clothes off and spend time in a place like this. Our table included professors who were regular visitors to Abbott’s Glen, financial advisors and a nurse. They all told us in various different ways about the sensation they get every time they drive up to this pristine place by the North River. Again and again, they come back, to either sleep in rooms here or in their own campers.

One woman said that without the defense of clothing on, there are fewer barriers between people, and you tend to open up. This phenomenon is common throughout the world of naturists; a sense of calm that is provided when there is nothing covering you. Dancing naked in front of an indoor fire  is hard to describe. It’s like the inhibitions that you normally lose while in the trance of a dance is magnified when you ‘ve shed your clothing.  Definitely different than any dancing I can remember. And better.

At some other naturist resorts, dances are where titillating outfits are donned, since sometimes just a tad of strategically placed clothing can be sexier than nude. But here it’s just plain old nude or topless and it’s exotic…not erotic.