They’re Riding 110 Miles, Up Steep Dirt Hills. We Feed Em!

randoneeIt’s t minus 15 hours and I am still a little jumpy over this huge task. We are feeding 675 bicycle riders who are coming to Deerfield to ride in a 110-mile race. On dirt roads. Up lots of hills! The cafe has partnered with the Sheep, the Black Sheep, famous caterers of Amherst. We are staffing the event, so I’ll run my own marathon tomorrow starting at 4:30 am.

I had a nice surprise today when Shelley Rotner stopped by the office, with news of her 31st book being published. Boy I wish I had just one book already selling. Her’s has sold 60,000. WOW! Hats off girl!! Shelley’s new story is about Aquinnah, the storybook town on the tip of the most savored and beloved island of all, Martha’s Vineyard. Now even Obama is there, it’s still cool, cool, cool.

Tonight. Thai. Try to get some sleep before bike race madness!!