We’re Busy. But We Go

My mother always used to say, if you really want something done, ask a busy person. Well, that reminds me of another maxim: if you want to find people to travel, ask someone who already travels a lot. Somehow, they’ll break down, and against all scheduling logic, will probably  be able to figure out a way to go.

My destination?  Spokane.  My first time to Eastern Washington. The trip includes some great ‘man-cation type of activies, like ATV riding, riding in an ultralight, and meeting some fun local people.  It’s a rush, it’s a crush, but that’s why I do this.  TO GO.

My pal Kent who has taken on some of the world’s most brutal stretches of consecutive itineraries will agree, it’s damn hard to say no. So we make it all work and get to experience yet another place.  Always, another place.