Use Gas as the Entree, not the Appetizer

Here’s a news blast from T. Boone Pickens, who I met and interviewed a few months ago. He agitates for a total change in how we use energy, and I agree it’s a cause worth fighting for.

“The Washington Post ­- one of the most influential newspapers in the United States and particularly on Capitol Hill ­- ran an editorial on Sunday titled: “A Natural Choice”. The piece looks at natural gas from an environmental point-of-view. It begins:

“In America’s climate debate, one of the most promising developments of recent months has been the growing recognition in Washington that natural gas may play a key role in curbing carbon emissions.”

The editors make the case for increasing the amount of electricity which is produced by natural gas –­ and shutting down older, less efficient, and more polluting coal-fired plants.

“[E]xisting gas-fired plants are running at only about 25 percent capacity, in part because many are switched on only when demand spikes…doubling the use of existing plants could replace about a third of coal-fired power.”

There is now so much natural gas available in North America that using it for “base load” electricity generation — instead of reserving it for “peaking” when demand for power is highest — now makes economic and environmental sense. ”