Yi Yi: A Long, Complicated Taiwanese Tale

We watched a nearly 3-hour movie set in Taiwan yesterday, and as the sun set we found ourselves still a bit confused and no end to the lengthy tale called Yi Yi.

Whoever set up two hours or less as the maximum allowable viewing time for a movie must know human nature. We kept wondering when this film would wrap up, but we kept getting more scenes.

The movie starred a character named NJ whose brother is getting married amidst a scandal..the bride is ballooning out pregnant. We see an indignant ‘other woman’ stalking the ceremony, finally being asked to leave while she screams out apologies for not being the bride.

His son is picked on by the cruel older girls in primary school, and his mid-twenties daughter is experimenting with sex. Later the youngster tries to get even with his tormentors but instead douses the strict teacher with water instead of his intended target.

But what’s on NJs mind is the love he left behind 30 years ago, who meets him face to face at the wedding and reignits their dashed love. At one point NJ has to do business with an associate–he’s Japanese, he’s Taiwanese, so they converse haltingly in English.

We don’t know whether he ever got back together with her, since after 2 hours and 49 minutes it was time for 60 Minutes and we shut it off.