Pond Hockey Makes Everyone Happy in Ashfield

Patrick Falla and Ben Crosby understand what is really truly important in winter. Pond hockey. They seized the day by organizing ‘The Frozen Faceoff,’ a 16-team round robin hockey tournament held on Ashfield Lake over the weekend. The 64 players got to enjoy one of the funnest pleasures of winter, skating on a frozen lake and shooting at the box.

Family and fans cheered on their teams from up above the lake in the cozy Ashfield Lake House. Hot food and cold drinks kept them happy and they created their own version of box seats out on the deck overlooking the four rinks, each measuring 95x x 55′ from board to board.

The elements make playing pond hockey something above the normal turn around the rink.
“Once you step back into a rink after playing pond hockey, it feels pretty cushy,” Spencer Gowan told the Recorder’s Bob Dunn. Next year the organizers expect many more rinks and many more skaters, and spectators.