The Internet Biz, Explained

The rough and tumble of internet business marketing 2.0 is that it’s fluid….it varies…and in most cases, you have to live on dimes and nickels instead of $10s and $20s. Today, for example, I have to decide on a few new options for our affiliate links, review proposals for creating our iphone application, send out the newsletter to our 14,000 member list, and fix code errors that are cropping up on GoNOMAD.

This business can be managed from anywhere, but the sales piece comes from other devices. Today I fed stories into a form on a company website. Offering him his space on these articles about destinations, like Italy or Denver Colorado or Cape Cod Massachusetts. These travel articles, which we’ve created each tells a story about a place. These pages are where we can plant our garden of ads.

So here is where our rubber meets the road.

I am going to a trade show outside of Washington DC next week, so I’ll post my thoughts about the people I meet there and update you to the topic then. But after that I’m not scheduled to leave until November 23.