Sharks Fight Over College Course Notes Company

Tonight’s Shark Tank show didn’t disappoint. The interesting thing tonight was how many ideas they just fought over like, well, the sharks that they are. We got to see a lot of fighting over who will invest in the first idea. That would be a website where college kids and buy and sell notes for their courses. The two fresh-faced collegians had sold this like crazy at Arizona State and Kansas University, so they walked out with $150K and a real estate mogul to help fund them.

The grumpy bald guy Kevin O’Leary, who nobody really likes, lost out to mothery Barbara, who founded Corcoran Real Estate in Manhattan. She won the next one too, a deal to fund a company that makes plush animals with hidden storage spaces inside them.

I tried to get their attention to get funding for GoNOMAD by going on this show. I got a form letter email but nothing more. Now up? Manufacturers of designer belt buckles, for high-end boutiques and celebrities. This guy valued his nascent company at two million bucks, he would regret that at the end of the night.