Despite Fountains of Wayne Frontman, the ‘Truth Gets Old

I am easily impressed by famous people. I always feel like it is some big deal when I sit near somebody who a bunch of people know, or pass by someone more famous than I am. Chris Collingwood is a founding member of Fountains of Wayne, a band that gets a lot of great press and this month played on Conan. The rock star sat with his mates and another man, who I think is also in the band, held a baby as they drank beers at the Dirty Truth last night.

First the Fountain frontman, then we see Billy Bragg grabbing a cup of joe to go while we sat at Haymarket.

The Dirty Truth is the uber Northampton scene, and their chilliness is starting to grate on me. Plus, the music is impossibly loud, and all my mates and I want to do is talk. Again and again when we come here I wonder why.

They brought out a Victory lager for Shoul, he took a sip and said it was flat. The tousle-haired waiter disagreed, but did us the minor courtesy of asking the bartender his opinion. Another twenty-something dude came out and declared that the beer was fine, while all of us sipped it with disgust. It was a showdown that the customer should have won, but somehow lost. (Here is his account of last night

You won’t see us in the Dirty Truth any more, we’ll be somewhere else on a Friday night where we can hear each other talk and though no rock stars may be present, the staff will be a little nicer.