Who Is This Guy?

I am in a cafe in downtown Bethlehem and I am trying to discern the story behind a guy at the adjoining table. He is wearing a shirt with a neatly cut row of holes running across the back, as if each one was deliberately punched out, about an inch each, until the bottom where the holes become huge rips.

He is wearing a belt that a cop would wear, and on the belt are about ten pouches, army green, that look like they have gear for survival. The pockets of his faded dirty fatigues bulge as if filled with socks or extra clothes. His boots are sturdy government issue, and are muddy as if he got here by climbing through a mud-filled stream. His arms are tattooed with barbed wire tats and I noticed that he was shopping for what looks like a new pair of army boots on line.

Beside him is another large gear sack, as if he is ready for anything sitting here at this cafe in Bethlehem.

He has everything he’d need except a canteen to survive in the woods. I wonder where he came from?