Driving Hills and Dales in Delaware River Country

P1540727 733951The day is coming to a close, and I feel peaceful and relaxed as I sit here at the Wired Gallery and Cafe in Bethlehem, PA. It’s a college town that’s full of revitalized apartments, a huge new arts and housing complex to be built at the former steel works and a gentrified feeling in these leafy streets.

Cindy, Graham, Trudy and I spent the day riding down and around winding country roads through small towns like Riegelsville, Bangor and Wind Gap PA, and Alpa, Hope and Fine NJ. We stoppped at several of our host and hostesses favorite antique shops including one farm right next to the road where a giant cat named Buddy relaxed on a bench waiting to be petted. Inside were all sorts of treasures in a series of connected rooms.

At another stop I found a bakelite WeP1540762 735499stern Electric rotary telephone; and in Hope NJ, I found the perfect present for Nathan who turns four tomorrow…a set of Tinkertoys, those old fashioned connecting rods and spindles that used to fascinate me as a child.

We passed enormous landfills and heard tales of how their former owners cashed in big time by selling out to Waste Management, and learned of the split among the residents of Easton PA between supporters and opponents of expanding their own giant landfill. So much trash is being sent to these green hills by the overcrowded places like NJ and NY.

We rolled on, passing little burghs that felt very old and colonial with the Delaware River on one side and the canal right beside it, the houses tight up against the narrow road. It was a warm spring day but there was still a bit of a chill; trees called Red Buds showed their two-week-long pink plumage along the roadsides. After puttering around, everyone taking their time and enjoying peeking in shops, and walking around towns, we headed here to this cozy cafe, where I could chronicle our day on the blog.

Now my three compatriots are playing Scrabble while I enjoy some time here on the laptop. There’s no internet at their house, so I gotta connect now, or forget any records of this fun day by the Delaware River with good old friends.