The Rain Keeps Falling and Strategies Need Plans

It’s another gray rainy day, and for many of us that is just one day too long without sun. Ugh, it feels like we’re living in Seattle. Despite how cool the people are, how great the coffee is, and how wonderful it must be to shop at Pike’s Market, forget it–I’d never, ever live there if I had to deal with this rain four out of seven days a week!

Today’s Friday, a shortened version of a work week since Monday was, well, Sunday. Today I hope to revive my television show idea that I got going but was sidelined when Marty the TV guy had a heart problem that landed him in the hospital. I think that a GoNOMAD cable TV show would be a lot of fun, and might even try to work something about cooking in the cafe into the mix.

One thing I thought about yesterday in my office: sometimes working for yourself is harder than having a job because nobody tells you what you should do next. So many of us just run around putting out fires instead of building our businesses and investing the time into projects that would ultimately be the most important.

Who tells me what to do? I sometimes have to step back and think, and heed the counsel of Cindy and my other friends. What would they suggest I do? Spend less time in the cafe, work on website projects that will build over time. So maybe spending a bunch of time trying to plan a TV show isn’t a top priority. I bet that’s what Cindy would say!