She’s Off to Alaska, Where the Goods Are Odd

Last night I went out in search of fellowship at a local bar, but ended up talking to the bartenders. One 25-year-old named Rachel was hugging her fellow employees as she was leaving for a big trip in a few weeks, and ending her job at the bar. “Where are you going?” I asked her. “Denali, Alaska,” she said with a smile. I asked her about Alaska’s purported unbalanced male/female ratio, which she confirmed was eight to one in favor of men. “They say the odds are good, but the goods are odd,” she said with a laugh.

I usually expect to find people I know at this bar but I didn’t, so I walked out into the soft night. People were jaywalking across lower Main St., toward Fitzwilly’s. I saw a big line in a corner restaurant called Local Burger. I had read about these guys in the NY Times. I had to have a taste.

The slender woman at the counter kept telling the people ahead of me that the Valley Burger was 12 oz. It cost $8.99. When I reached the counter I asked for an Angus burger. To go. It arrived in a paper wrapper, with lettuce tomato and pickles, and was about an inch thick. Oh boy, tooo good not to devour right away! I gotta give these people props, that was a world class burger and no wonder the line is so long to order!

I was awakened by Nathan who came into my room saying “It’s Teapot day.” I’m on duty with the little lad until 12, we’ll hit the bikepath, make a dump run in the truck, and check out Deerfield’s Old Home Day at the elementary school.