Help Wanted at the Cafe

Today I got a chance to visit the new cafe in Holyoke, the Dam Cafe, and got a chance to see how things were shaping up. Like many of the locals who are dying for an alternative to Dunkin’
Donuts and his new cafe has a cozy couch, a flat TV, and a big menu full of sandwiches. I advised him to adjust his prices so that they’ll come out evenly after tax, and encouraged him to price it at $2.25 so that customers will be given back quarters to throw into the tip jar.

I got another email from my Reader’s Digest writer friend Cathie Gandel for details…so I gave her what we used to call in school, ‘the silver platter’ with a lively and quotable quote about the best mountain biking place in the Eastern US, and some prose about how great it is to tube down the Deerfield River, or join an organized rafting trip that puts in at Charlemont.

We’re hiring at the cafe….a new manager will be in place in May. We’re scouring all avenues and looking for that high energy, enthusiastic food loving person who can lead our crew to culinary greatness in South Deerfield.