If You’re Traveling Down South, Check Out Travmed.com

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I just finished a meeting with an unassuming guy whose work impresses me. He’s doctor Stuart Rose MD, who runs a site called travmed.com. On the site Rose dispenses information for travelers that runs the gamut from mosquito protection to how prevalent malaria is in certain Southeast Asian countries. Jackie Stevenson wrote about him on GoNOMAD a while back.

He hired us to consult with him and improve the site’s workings….to tinker with the copy and help him with emails and other ways of promoting the site. The part of this that’s fun is that he’s been really successful and the site is gaining lots of momentum and traffic. Íf you type ‘travel medicine’ into Google, you’ll see that Stuart kicks ass, he’s right up there and this results in lots of business. People order bug spray, and mosquito nets, and other items they need if they’re traveling to Africa or Asia or anywhere ‘down south’ that might require such things.

He’s launching an affiliate program so that travel clinics and tour operators can refer people to his site when they’re planning a trip to the tropics. GoNOMAD will be among these sites, since this all makes a lot of sense, hey, if you’re going you are gonna needs lots of bug spray and other stuff, so we might as well monetize it all.