A Loud Bang! But We Fly On to Bradley

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I’m just back from Atlanta, and just barely made my connecting flight on Delta from Detroit to Hartford. For some reason I thought Detroit was central time…D’OH! So I ran like a greyhound and found the door closed. A sullen gate worker opened up the door and I ran down the jetway, sloshing coffee all over the place.

As we got airborne over Atlanta through thick white clouds, we hit turbulence and the plane shook. Then a sudden BANG! that I heard even through my ipod music. Whoa! The pilot came on and said we’d been struck by lightning. “But don’t worry, the plane is in good shape and that happens all the time…still, he said he had radioed back and we might have to turn around. Uh oh. But he was calm and reassuring, the way you want a pilot to be.

But we didn’t have to, thank God, and we landed safely at my favorite airport, Bradley. This photo is just part of why I love this airport…Southwest installed not only nice metal desks, but regular and USB plugs to charge laptops and phones. I also like all of the peeps at Executive Valet Parking, who are always friendly and by now, recognize the GoNOMAD Cafe truck. While traveling through Hartford is always a breeze, it’s nice to be home for a few weeks until I head out April 14 for Beaumont, Texas.