The Churn Continues…Help Wanted at the Cafe

I talked on the phone the other day to a nice woman who asked me for a job reference for one of our employees. I told her that I’d miss her terribly, and that she should hire her. Bam! Now we’re back to needing more people!

Turnover is an integral part of owning a cafe, people come and go and you’ve just gotta not allow yourself to get too attached to any one, since you never know. I got the news in a text message from my manager. Thank God she’s staying put at least.

The last time we put an ad on Craig’s List we were bombed with more than 50 applicants. But part of what I like about Tama, the employee who is leaving is that she’s grown up, in her mid-forties versus someone who is just out of school. I’ve learned how much differently people of ‘a certain age’ treat their jobs….they take it more seriously and are more hestitant to call out.

The other day when it snowed, like clockwork, an employee called out, saying she was stuck in her driveway. But, I complained, we all KNEW it was gonna snow on Sunday night, and this is the third time a snowfall has kept her from coming to work. It doesn’t make me comfortable to know that snow=call out, and this made me think of how much I want older, more mature help.

We’ll see what Craig’s list will bring us…can we advertise that we want only people over 40?