An Ancient Lady In a Mink Beefs About Her Travel Writing Career

oldlady 783945I got an email from a traveler named Diane Letulle, who attended the NY Times Travel Show. She recalled a funny incident at the travel writing seminar we gave there.

It’s from Eight Million Stories, a New York city website.

My day at the Travel Show ended in a writing seminar hosted by Max Hartshorne, editor of the GoNomad travel website. At the end of the session, an ancient lady about 4 feet tall stood up. She was dressed in a full length mink, a dapper brimmed hat, and huge glasses that gave her face an owl-like quality. “I circled the world eight times, always on ships. We traveled four to a room with no bathroom.”

She continued her reminiscences until Max interrupted, “Do you have a question?” Undaunted, she continued, “No, but I used to write travel stories for years. They were never published. Now I’m too old.” But the panel encouraged her: “Keep writing.” As I watched her hobble away clutching what appeared to be one of her stories, I got the feeling that she would keep writing. And, I thought that she, and all the rest of us, would also keep traveling, as Rick Steves said, “come hell or high water.”