On a Sunny Playground, A Grandson Finds Bliss

I’ve written before about how little joys make life worth living. Today I got a chance to go back in time, spending five joyful hours with my grandson Nathan. It brought back the days when I was in my early twenties and raising my daughter Kate. My son Sam came around when I was 25, and I remember taking him around Greenfield, doing chores and going to the playground.

This morning I watched as Nathan ran with glee to the slide, and ran around playing on every piece of aparatus, swinging from rings, running up and down ramps, running full force to the swing and asking for a push. That pure joy, in the March sunlight, of a child playing alone on a playground brought me a rush of happiness. It made me glad to think that I get these opportunities to watch him play, and to be part of his growing up.

We stopped by the cafe on our way to the dump and a customer told me that he had knocked on our door at 8:10 and nobody let him in. It turns out my employee thought we opened at 8:30! Omigod, give me a break!

We’ve got an ad on Craig’s list, and have pulled out the help wanted sign for the window. Please, Craig, bring me competant and responsible workers who know what time we open and can bake. That’s not too much to ask, is it?