Colon Cleanse? White Spackle Coating? Rubbish!

I’m a regular listener to talk radio, and sometimes I hear ads that make me wince. “Some doctors say that the inside of your colon has a layer of spackle or paste lining the inside. Colonclense removes this, and you’ll also lose weight the announcer screams. I’ve heard this ad again and again and have always doubted its veracity. Still, that image lingers, that spackle, that terrible build-up, and the idea made me uncomfortable. What if they’re right?

Today I am happy to say that I’ve seen the inside of my colon on video, and no such spackle or paste exists in there. In fact my colon is healthy, pink and in great shape. I asked the nurse about this, and she said that she’d been asked that before and laughed at such a thought.

But that leads me to wonder how does the radio station continue to run ads, and how are those quacks allowed to run TV infomercials touting these ridiculous “colonic irrigation” schemes? They even go as far as to say that it’s a weight loss secret! Hey, everybody wants to eliminate polyps, but that notion that our insides are coated with white stuff is not remotely true–I’ve seen it!

Just wanted to clear that up for you all.