The Whirring Bubbling Continuum Sweeps By

Today was a testy day. A day of annoyances, flashes of temper, and weariness from the many tasks that lay before the cafe owner and web publisher. First, taken to task about sloppiness in my kitchen duties. Then, told by a prospective hire, ‘hey, I’m worth way more than you’re offering…” All the while I’m learning a tough new program, WordPress and it’s tougher than I thought.

The bubbling continuum moves on…twitters, blogs, comments, articles and constant quick conversations. I feel like the day rushes by and I converse on the fly all day. It’s a funny combination of these strong elements, plus so much work to do, and never a phone not ringing or someone emailing important news.

But at the end of the day, as I was mopping the floor of the cafe, I was at peace. Glad to have a business that flies as fast as I do. Happy to be in the web business, as opposed to the trucking, or the newspaper business. Feel confident as Obama does that this economy won’t beat us.

I have a friend who signs his emails ” I am not participating in this recession.” Yeah Don, I’m with you, let’s all fight it and show the naysayers wrong.