Pittsburgh’s a City with a Big Heart and Six Rings

Cruising the river in Pittsburgh PA
Cruising the river in Pittsburgh PA

Last night we were amazed to see the change in the score. Suddenly, the Cardinals looked like they might squeak it out. We all watched as the Steel Curtain went down. Wow! I have good memories of my visit last June to this small city of just 400,000 with with now, six super bowl titles, and many, many bridges.

We biked along the Ohio River, past the stadium where they play their home games. You can see the river from the stands. Here is a bit of what I wrote after my visit to Pittsburgh.

I knew I’d like this city, from the moment I stepped into the town car that whisked me the 22 minutes from the airport to the Marriot downtown.

Entering Pittsburgh from its airport, you drive past rolling hills and countryside, to a gradual descent into the Fort Pitt tunnel, which was bored through Mount Washington, a wall of rock and foliage. You exit the 3,000-foot tunnel to a panorama of the city right in front of you. A dramatic entrance like no other major US city, all of a sudden you see the bridges, buildings and arenas of Pittsburgh.