Free Wi-Fi, No Password? Si, Senor, Si!

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Because of the nature of our business, using Wi-Fi and being connected is very important when we’re traveling. With the ‘Net in the room, I feel up to date, and in touch with back home. One of the nice things about the two places we stayed in Mexico is that both hotels offered free Wi-Fi with no passwords, at a good speed. It was almost good enough for Skype calls. Almost.

In the US, we take that for granted, as anyone who has stayed at a Red Roof or another chain motel can attest. But in Europe, Australia and
New Zealand, whoa…no way. There is always a password, and always a bit of a hassle to get on line. They look at you funny when you check into somewhere in Italy and ask about the Wi-Fi, they scurry to direct you to where you can buy a little card with a password. Then the tourism board won’t pay for it, and it appears on your room bill as an incidental.

But in Mexico, no problema, no password, no sign in, just pop up and go. I could tell I was in Internet heaven when I was able to post a Tweet using my iTouch right at the front desk of Ceiba del Mar.

Now we’re back and staring at this mountain of white. Last night the heating system here started making ominous noises, falling to a very low temperature, and Cindy tried to shoot a video to show her heating guy. We finally fell back asleep but it was nerve wracking to be down there at 4 in the morning trying to capture the strange noise on tape.