Spider Monkeys in the Trees of the Yucatan

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Spider monkeys weren’t the only things we gasped and said were soooo cute during our day with the Mayans. This little girl took to Cindy and we enjoyed meeting her and her family as they brought us into their home and served us dinner. The tortillas were made on the back porch by grandma, and the whole scene was as real as their lives…no posing in fake Indian garb or pretend war dances.

The monkeys live in the forest and all have their own names. We craned our necks to watch them cavort up in the trees, and observed a mP1530300 731502ama and a little baby playing around way up high.

I never knew that there were such outstanding ecotourism opportunities so close to a major tourist city like Cancun. But this scene was just about 90 miles south of the city.