Ecotourism with Mayans Near Cancun

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Governments can do some good things, but the real heavy lifting is often done by NGOs, or non-governmental organizations. We rode out to Nuevo Durango this afternoon, with Jesus Mesa del Castillo Bermejo who does good work for Kanche helping develop tourism and other endeavors among the Mayan people of the Yucatan.

These original Mexicans have seen their population mixed over generations with many newcomers, and Kanche offers 23 different tourism activities aimed at helping them diversify their income sources and remain in their homes in the countryside. We got a chance to visit this small Mayan village where some of the 45 families showed us their stony back yard full of papaya, coffee, herb and coconut trees. Adorable little tots raced around beaming big smiles and eagerly showing off riding their bikes and playing on hillsides. The town features a cute little one-room insect museum, and down the road there’s a chance to tour a deep jungle that’s filled with spider monkeys, swinging high in the trees munching on fruit.

The excursion is one of many people can take to learn about this ancient culture and see nature close up. We were graciously welcomed to their tiny villages and ended up on a dock just as sunset was coming on. The sound of the birds and the beautiful sweep of the lake made a perfect end to a lovely day here–ecotourism in Cancun. Yes indeed!