Talking on the Radio, Tomorrow at 7:30

Tomorrow I’ll be on WHYN-AM 560 radio at 7:35 am to talk with Brad and Bo about Iran. I can just hear them groaning as we begin, amazed that anyone would want to go there, and how scary it must have been. I expect them to ask me sincerely…”why would you go there?”

But I now have compelling reasons why it’s an excellent place to travel. And am glad that I came back with that thought, instead of reinforcing the notion that it’s off limits to Americans because our governments argue and threaten each other quite a bit.

I brought back a book that shows large color photographs of the highlights of the lovely city of Esfahan, and another that shows Iran’s vast mountain ranges and the nature sites that they are famous for. I have a friend who wants very much to see them, since he wished that he saw more of the country when he traveled there 30 years ago.