A Visit from GoNOMAD’s Founder at the Cafe

lauren150 708250

Yesterday we had a visit from the f0under of GoNOMAD, Lauryn Axelrod. She just got back from a trip to Argentina’s Patagonia, where she rode horses and wrote an excellent story for GoNOMAD. I had been chiding her that she needed to see the cafe, the website’s namesake community gathering place, so she took a ride down from Londonderry and showed up at our door. Lauryn started the site at her home in E. Arlington back in 1999, it launched in 2000 and I bought it back in 2002, when it was still young but had great potential.

At first I didn’t recognize her but then I did and I was very pleased to be able to serve her a GoNOMAD Cafe latte and sit for a while to catch up on her interesting life. She runs a theater company up in VT and now is getting interesting in cow roping and riding, since she had so much fun down in South America.

We have had a little snowfall here, so it’s time to start up the truck and head over to the dump, and make sure there’s no snow on the sidewalk to trip up our beloved customers.