It’s Tag Sale Day in Deerfield: Will Anyone Show Up?

Ok, well now I am nervous. Today’s the big day. I’ve sent out emails to everyone I know, I have talked on WHMP and WHYN, trumpeting this big news, and tried hard to convince Channel 3 in Springfield to put us on their evening news. I was up at 5 and am just about to set up our Deerfield Attractions tent on Elm St.

Now, will anyone actually come?

I’ve placed a lot on this turning out to be a spectacular event. The bar is high, admittedly, and that’s why I was in the cafe at six am helping Maggie open up. We’ll be open a full hour earlier to accommodate tag sailing’s most well-known fraternity…the Early Birds.

I guess there is no downside to helping organize something that got 67 Deerfield families out in their garages, up in their attics and in the kitchens filling out price tags and dragging stuff to the driveway. I mean they’ve invested the time, and now I just hope people from far and wide do come to the tag sales. Fingers crossed, I venture out now to set up the tent.