Dakota Roads Are Made of Ground Up Computers

People were happy in Deerfield yesterday, so I guess our big plan worked out well. I was sequestered at my little tent at the edge of town, giving out the maps, so I didn’t really get to many tag sales, but the streets were full and I got many reports of happy tag sailers following the maps all around town.

Today I got to read the Republican and find out about what else took place yesterday. There was an ‘e-cycling’ event at the Tri-County fairgrounds, and hundreds of people brought in their old tvs, computers and other electronic junk. Where does all of that stuff go?

“In Colorado and the Dakotas, 20% of the asphalt is made of crushed, ground-up computers. It’s ground almost to dust and lasts forever,” said Susan Lauermann, of the May Institute. In five hours the team of recyclers got 150 items, charging between $5 and $20 to make them go away.