The Momentum of Tag Sale Day is Energizing the Village

It’s time to start thinking about writing again. I’m back from trips to Colombia and the Alps, and next week I’ll hang a new exhibit of photographs from the first trip. I was greatly assisted by shooter Paul Shoul, who took my collection of more than 1000 photos and culled them down into 24 good images for the cafe walls.

I’ve been doing as much PR as I can to promote Tag Sale Day in Deerfield, while trying to find the right people to staff the cafe. The better job I do at this, the easier it will be to get back over to the office and write those two articles I owe the website. I never knew how hard it was to cover all of these shifts…but then again, the cafe is hard work.

It’s really been fun seeing how positive people are about this Tag Sale Day. We are going to set up our GoNOMAD Cafe tent out on Elm St., so people who are driving into town will see it there with a sign that says Get Your Tag Sale Maps Here! I am thinking of selling coffee there too, since who doesn’t want a cuppa joe while thinking about a Saturday morning full of tag sailing?

We’ve gotten the notice up on the local cable TV and expect to see Channel 3 Springfield show up to shoot a TV news spot about the event. One woman on Sugarloaf St. said that having this event has changed her whole opinion about Deerfield, and that now she’s planning on attending Town Meeting, for the first time in many years. She thanked me and it made me feel good.