Friends Don’t Let Friends Date Republicans

There’s a bumper sticker that’s trite but true, it’s posted in my title. I am happy to report that the maxim has proved true once again, and a good friend has come to her senses. The election proves how polarized this country is, and as sad as that may be, there are some lines I think most of us blues would never cross. Speaking from Massachusetts, the Bluest of the Blue states, I claimed another victory when I heard the news.

Hearing the shrieking Sarah Palin with her annoying Alaska accent talk on the stump reminds me again of how unshakeable my blueness is. This sanctimonious mixing of religion and ‘values’ into every speech, that putting forth McCain as the greatest war hero ever…ugh.

McCain is famous for having had five planes crash out from under him. The worst incident was on the USS Forestall, where an accident caused a bomb to go off and 134 sailors died…but after review, it wasn’t proved to be McCain’s fault.

I tried again and again to tell my friend that she wasn’t going to make a Fox guy see the light. That no matter what she did, she couldn’t change him and that for God’s sake, how can you possibly put up with that? So, she threw in the towel last week, and we’re all relieved. Now we’re looking for a nice liberal guy to come ask her out on a date.