The Music, and Atmosphere Great, Sales Lousy

We brought the cafe show on the road and manned a booth at the Deerfield Farm Festival tonight, with mixed results. It was fun to create the booth and get the signage all set up and see our cafe employees making gobs of cupcakes, muffins, scones and brownies. We all pulled together and the result was a professional looking booth with all sorts of delicious foods and coffee. The video shows a band called Wild-wood that played snappy country-jazz, I wish I could have stayed to hear more of them.

The farm fest began at 2 pm, under a searing sun that beat down unmercifully on everyone in the farm fields enjoying the festivities. There were rows of farm equipment on display, including a sweet corn harvester, which is a rarity on the East coast, and a dog herding sheep.

We set it all up and hoped to have customers but it was really too late for coffee, and over there, hey, a beer tent was dispensing seven delicious Berkshire Brewing Company beers by the tap. A choice that most people made was to go for the suds, and so our coffee remained hot in our cambros. Tomorrow you’ll see many of these pastries in our case, so all is not lost.

We were scheduled to keep vending until 8 but at 6:30 Samantha called so we wrapped it up at 7. But I told them to grab some brews, enjoy the music, and have fun. Despite our less-than-stellar sales, I told Cindy that next year I want to come and enjoy this scene. It was jazzy country music, tasty beer, simple food and a convivial atmosphere of familiar faces…in short a great way to spend a Saturday night in Deerfield.