Faux Farmer’s Market for Mel’s Movie in Hamp

Sometimes in the cafe customers begin bellowing a story clear across the room. I”ll answer and we’ll begin a rollicking dialogue, from our posts 25′ apart. A few days ago, Whately Farmer Dave Jackson strolled in. He said that the producers of the Mel Gibson movie, Edge of Darkness, had offered him and a bunch of other farmers $1000 each if they’d set up a farmer’s market on a Tuesday morning. Their regular Gothic St. farm market day is Saturday. But for the movie, this sounds like it’s worth it.

Dave of course, wants to get on camera. He saw the notice in the Gazette about the casting tryouts for ‘old hippies,’ and figures he’s a lock. Watch for the faux farmer’s market (not sure if anyone will be able to buy anthing or whether it will all be for show) coming in October to Northampton’s Gothic St.