A Guest Blogger Steps in to Write Readuponit

jackie 790527

Today is the last day I will be in the states until Sept 7. Tomorrow at the crack of dawn I meet Larry and we will fly to Miami, to Medellin, and then in a tiny plane to the seaside village of Nuqui, Colombia.
I’ve already asked and no, there will be no internet there, so I am bringing in one of my favorites to guest blog for me in my absence. Jackie Stevenson will be taking care of my duties, and I can’t want to read the posts when I get back. Here she is pictured at her June wedding in Cape Cod.
As I’ve often said in these pre-trip blogs, this is the time that’s the hardest for me. It’s figuring out what to bring, what not to forget, trying to make it all weigh less than 20 lbs and doing all of the last minute things since I won’t have any way of doing them by email. I’ll trust my great staff to handle details: Kim will be boss of the cafe, and Steve will be boss of the website office.

Well, here I go, no turning back….hope everything’s ok until I get back!